Freeport, GBI, Bahamas – Wed., May 2nd, 2018 – The vision of seeing Grand Bahama become the Tech Hub of the Caribbean is gaining traction. Officially declaring Freeport home to its newest location, GIBC Digital, a leading global technology firm, revealed that GIBC Digital is expanding its international reach to The Bahamas. GIBC Digital is an international firm, similar to Accenture and Deloitte, however, differentiating itself by offering five (5) competencies: Intelligent Operational Excellence (iOPEX), Fraud & Cyber Security; Customer Experience (CX), Regulation and Compliance, and Data Intelligence.

GBPA President, Ian Rolle, and GBPA Senior Manager, Business Development, Derek Newbold, worked closely with Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Kwasi Thompson, in securing the island’s newest investor. The Freeport location will represent $2.5 million in initial investment, create high skilled job training, and introduce fifty (50) career opportunities for locals, with job numbers expected to increase to one hundred fifty (150) by year 2020.

GIBC Digital’s CEO, Greg Wood stated, “We are hiring local people and providing them with the skills they need to participate in the digital workforce. We aren’t just creating jobs; we are creating in-demand, high-paying careers. The positive economic impact for Bahamians will be incredible.” GBPA Acting Chairman, Sarah St. George stated, “GBPA is extremely pleased to have been able to swiftly turnaround GIBC Digital’s business license and we believe that this venture is sure to have a positive impact on our local economy.”

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