The spotlight on customer service remains a focal point of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) through the My Grand Bahama campaign, an initiative of the Invest Grand Bahama Promotional Unit.

The My Grand Bahama campaign is designed to address ways to improve customer service on the island of Grand Bahama.   The initiative has received a positive response from employees and employers, including government entities.  Senior Manager of Business Development for GBPA and Invest Grand Bahama, Derek Newbold, praised business owners and government organizations for their support.  Newbold said, “We remain impressed by the level of support from our licensees and government entities who have embraced the My Grand Bahama customer service training program.  Their responses have been positively overwhelming and that speaks to the fact that we are taking a much needed first step to identify and address training needs that directly support business success.”

One of the nation’s leading financial institutions, The Bank of The Bahamas, took advantage of the workshops.  Michaella Perpall, Associate for Corporate and Commercial Services at Bank of The Bahamas Limited explains why the bank’s management team and staff participated.  Perpall said, “The training provided insightful concerns and suggestions, whether it came from physical interaction or someone randomly relaying their concerns via Social Media.  The Workshop gave us an idea of how customer service on the island of Grand Bahama can and should be improved or enhanced in its entirety throughout all business sectors, as we work toward developing a brighter economic future.”

The GBPA Business Development Officer and My Grand Bahama Program Coordinator, Glendia Sweeting acknowledged that participants value the importance of learning about effective communication and the direct connection to good customer experience.  Sweeting said, “The My Grand Bahama customer service training workshops are a dynamic experience for participants.  We equip them with communication skills, including how to talk and how to listen.  This key element of the program seems to be one of the biggest take-aways for our participants.”

Enthusiasm around My Grand Bahama customer service training continues to grow.  Sweeting highlighted, “To date, around 1,100 individuals from within approximately 60-businesses and organizations have participated in our training workshop.  This has been great and we want to see those numbers increase.  We look forward to the business community’s continued participation in this impactful initiative.”

Ian Rolle, President of GBPA remains optimistic that the My Grand Bahama campaign can make a difference.  He maintains, “As we improve customer service, we simultaneously create better interactions with one another and those individuals who seek to do business on the island.  This initiative reflects our commitment to improving the quality of life for residents, visitors and investors.  We know that when we deliver and receive good customer service, it translates into our island being a good destination for everyone to invest in, experience and explore.”

Businesses and organizations interested in coordinating a training workshop are invited to contact Glendia Sweeting at 242-350-9018 or<> to schedule a free workshop for their personnel.


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