International companies target several segments of Grand Bahama’s economy, particularly Tourism, Light Industry, Logistics and Real Estate. These sectors count on GBPA’s support to seek and identify new business opportunities.

As Grand Bahama’s economy continues to mature, new investment opportunities have been identified by the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) as essential to the ongoing growth of the Island. GBPA is committed to attracting FDI into industries where our competitive advantages are strongest.


Grand Bahama offers an ideal mix of relaxation and soft adventure; it also boasts a variety of cultural experiences and ecological wonders that make it a perfect destination for nature-based and leisure tourism. The Island’s tourism sector is enjoying considerable growth, with about $1 billion invested in new hotel and resort development. To keep pace with the rapidly changing global travel market, GBPA continually seeks to enhance and expand the country’s tourism offerings.


The Island has one of the largest and most efficient harbors in the region, as well as an international airport capable of handling the largest commercial aircraft and an international business and logistics park that supports light industry and cargo-handling activities.


The Bahamas Government and the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) have placed a strong emphasis on the development of a sophisticated and well-regulated banking sector that is welcoming of new entrants and increasingly engaged in regional and global markets. Additionally, the core technology infrastructure meets international best services demands for voice and data communication.


One of the Island’s key advantages is that new structures are built in ideal locations that make the best use of natural resources and existing infrastructure. The city is thoughtfully and carefully planned, and ample space is set aside for controlled manufacturing, value addition and assembly.


Grand Bahama offers some of the best living and working conditions in the world. The infrastructure of a developed business centre, ease of international accessibility, luxury residential choices, and exceptional amenities and services all contribute to an unbeatable lifestyle for any level of real estate development.