One of the Grand Bahama’s key advantages is that new structures are built in ideal locations that make the best use of natural resources and existing infrastructure.

rand Bahama is the ideal location for export-oriented manufacturers and assembly operators seeking to gain a competitive edge in the global market. 741acres of prime real estate is presently earmarked for industrial park usage, and the manufacturing, distribution, assembly, and light-industry services opportunities are endless. With a highly skilled labor force, the deepest harbor in the region, and an international airport capable of handling the largest aircraft in service, the ease of moving goods is seamless.

With the cruise capital of the world approximately 100 miles away at the port of Miami, and Freeport fast becoming a major cargo trans-shipment centre, the Grand Bahama Shipyard – with the largest floating dock in the Western Hemisphere – is at the heart of the regions industrial development; it is strategically positioned to service the needs of the transatlantic, the Caribbean, and the US Eastern Seaboard shipping trade.

The shipyard’s state-of-the-art 34,000 square foot workshop complex houses one of the largest lathes in the region, as well as a wide range of machinery that supports the creation of mechanical solutions and fabrication opportunities. The harbour’s industrial region has grown exponentially and is home to several international businesses; yet, there is still room for further growth.

Innovative, efficient, and technologically superior processes are essential to the growth of manufacturing and light industry enterprises, and the Island is positioned and prepared to support these industries through reserved, purpose-built industrial and commercial development.