Grand Bahama offers some of the best living and working conditions in the world. The infrastructure of a developed business centre, ease of international accessibility, luxury residential choices, and exceptional amenities and services all contribute to an unbeatable lifestyle.

Grand Bahama offers some of the best living and working conditions in the world. The alluring climate, combined with modern infrastructure and a high standard of living, adds up to an unbeatable “vacation quality” lifestyle. As a planned community – considerately blending business, residential, and recreational facilities – Freeport and Lucaya offer the best of both worlds: a high standard of city-style living alongside the carefree existence of island life.

The master-planned city of Freeport is divided into three distinct sections: at the western end are the heavy industrial and maritime areas, in the centre are the civic and commercial areas, and the eastern end houses the residential and resort communities.

Although Grand Bahama is known across the globe as a tourist destination, residents have the opportunity to live, work, and play in a culture and entertainment centre. Residents and visitors alike partake in the unique and unforgettable island dining experience, which combines charming and attentive staff with affordable dining options and unmatched tropical ambience. Foodies will fall in love with the specialty food stores and local markets, while fashionistas can choose between upscale retail boutiques; resort-centered retail properties; budget-friendly outlet centers; and local bazaars.

Grand Bahama has a wide range of events throughout the year, including art festivals and cultural events. The Island also boasts a 35,000 square foot Las Vegas-style casino. Additionally, with an international airport and a major cruise ship port, there are plenty of opportunities to explore. Even with the exceptional lifestyle and entertainment choices, Grand Bahama still has plenty of room for expansion of retail outlets, hotels, entertainment, and gaming venues. Grand Bahama presents the ultimate investment opportunity.