The Island’s tourism sector is enjoying considerable growth, with about $1 billion invested in new hotel and resort development.

Over a million visitors flock to Grand Bahama Island each year- and each finds something different and special. It could be the wonderful sub-tropical climate and the thriving eco-life or the luxurious living and resort accommodations. It could be the miles of virgin sand beaches or the 20 miles of bulkhead canal systems. Perhaps it’s championship golf courses, or it’s the colourful Bahamian culture, cuisine and festivities. Whatever it is that brings people to Grand Bahama, the possibilities are endless!

Not only do tourists appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the Island, but commercial interests, including resort developers and film industry executives, also appreciate the unique offerings of the Island. More than $1 billion has been invested in a new resort development, and with the continued growth in lifestyle, medical, educational, and sports tourism, opportunities abound for the savvy investor.

Grand Bahama is home to what is considered the largest open-water tank in the Western Hemisphere; it allows for large-scale feature film productions, episodic television, and commercial productions. Disney Studios realized the potential of this idyllic site when they chose to shoot the record-breaking film, Pirates of the Caribbean, on the Island.

Another Island gem is the Lucayan Harbor Cruise Facility, one of the more modern cruise ship facilities in the region; its new passenger terminals and centralized check-in facilities are perfectly suited for home porting.

Whether traveling to Freeport by air or sea, the going is easy. Florida is just 30 minutes away by commuter flight, and the privately owned Grand Bahama International Airport boasts a modern 128,000 square-foot terminal, a US pre-clearance facility, and an 11,000-foot runway capable of handling the largest commercial aircraft in the world.

With an easily accessible airport and harbor, strong industry, world-class infrastructure, positive government support, and the leadership of the GBPA, Freeport’s tourism sector is experiencing a flurry of new development and investment possibilities.